Cromwell Ngobeni his work is in seeking to confront and heal from inner pain and anguish, Cromwell Ngobeni’s utilisation of art as a positive outlet has seen him refine his skill an artist, resulting in his unique, figurative drawing which are often inspired by his personal background, childhood and lived experiences. Ngobeni deliberate use of dark and expressive lines serves as means to communicate the intense and often dramatic emotions that the artist hopes to convey through is work. Given the quality of Ngobeni’s talent, the artist has received multiple corporate commissions and has produced work for Falken Martineau’s corporate print portfolio, as well as collaborated with Hollard Insurance. In 2015, Ngobeni participated in the Barclays Absa L’Atelier Competition. He is the winner of the 2018 ITWeb Brainstorm calendar. In 2019 he has showed with Johannesburg Art museum in Johannesburg art. Ngobeni continues to expand his practice and skill as a printmaker sees him working closely with the team of master printers at the Artist Proof Studio.