Olwethu de Vos is a multidisciplinary artist and art curator based in Johannesburg. She is affiliated with the city’s respected artist community, August House, and her practice encompasses explorations into two- and three dimensional artworks, adding glass sculptures and mixed media drawings to her output, amongst others. De Vos obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine and Applied Arts from the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, where she majored in Glass Blowing, Sculpture and Figure Studies. De Vos is the Co-Founder of The Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize and The For Sale Project Exhibition. Confronted with the cityscape of sprawling Johannesburg, De Vos’ work interrogates the vast intricacies of societal ideologies and theories surrounding post-humanism. Unraveling such intricate subjects opens up an expansive exploration into the ties that exist between the natural world, society and the influences of technology. Overall, such contemplations invite speculation as to what it means to be human and, moreover, how human beings might come to realize their greatest potential.